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We have a great team of professionals

Les Mitty2 600x750.jpg

Responsible for managing all aspects of the business, managing and motivating staff and growing the business.

Les Mitty 

"I am a customer focused person and love the feeling I get when our involvement in projects makes a difference to our clients. 


Spending time with my family is important for me and I encourage everyone to have the right work/life balance

Business Owner

Focused on ensuring customer satisfaction, working on complex projects and all aspects of marketing

Andrew Horrocks

Commercial Consultant

Andy Horrocks 360x450.jpg

Aged 10

"I have been working within the IT industry for over 30 years with most of this time spent setting up and growing tech businesses, managing teams and delivering excellent service to SME's.

I am extremely proud of my achievements in business, but I highly value my family, especially my young boy who is a definitely a mini-me.  I love to play and watch football, going to the theatre and most 80s and 90s music."

Steve Nicholls

Managing and delivering complex projects and providing pre-sale technical support

Technical Consultant

Steve Nicholls 360x450.jpg

"I pride myself on my ability to understand a clients need from a brief and subsequent conversations with them, then turning this into a solution which works well and helps their business to operate better.

I have solid tech and project development skills and enjoy what I do.
In my personal life I love to spend time in the sun with my family and keep fit playing squash and occasionally spend my weekends climbing.

Ian Halladay

Providing IT support to clients and leading the tech team to ensure motivated and coordinated.

IT Support Engineer & Team Leader

Ian Halladay 360x450.jpg

"I really enjoy helping people and fixing their issues quickly.  I often work under pressure but I appreciate that people just want to get back working, so I always do my best to meet or exceed their expectations.

Outside of work I tend to just relax with my family, enjoy music, food and do anything which does not involve computers... I spend enough time with them during the working day."

Ian Hercules

Senior IT Support Engineer

Senior tech often working on more complex and challenging issues, projects and rollouts

Ian Hercules 360x450.jpg

"I have developed my IT skills over many years and I really enjoy analysing complex issues and resolving them using my knowledge and experience.  I mainly enjoy structured projects and feel that I work well within a team or on my own. 

In my downtime I love to play computer games with friends, enjoy good food and just relax watching TV and box-sets."

Paul Workman

Telecoms & IT Engineer

Providing telecoms and IT support, installing cloud phone systems and general IT work

Paul Workman 360x450.jpg

"I have worked within the telecoms industry for years and really love setting up new cloud hosted phone systems, providing help and advice to our clients and undertaking general IT work.

I adore family time and spend as much time with them as I can."

Martin Hibbert

Call Logger / Sales Admin

Logging support calls, managing the helpdesk and helping with the sales/purchasing processes

Martin Hibbert 360x450.jpg

"An important part of my job involves logging issues and ensuring that clients problems are resolved as quickly as possible.  This is a key role which involves a great deal of communication with our tech team and our customer base.


I love watching my boys play football and dream of them playing for Spurs someday.  I also enjoy's a great way to relax and de-stress."

Toni Baron

Sales Executive

Managing client accounts, quoting and developing new business

Toni Baron 360x450.jpg

"I am a people person and love having conversations with business owners about what they do so I can identify ways that we could add value to their company.  I do lots of business networking and always open to a one-one.


Personally I love to socialise and spend time with my lovely family."

Mohsin Gani

Financial Controller

Managing all aspects of accounts, including payments and billing

2 Part Four Logo Black Logo Only.png

"I control all aspects of our business finances, including bookkeeping, payroll coordination, KPI and management reporting.  I work closely with Les to ensure that we have sound financial management.

I am very close to my family and spend as much time with them as possible."


We are recruiting for sales & technical staff

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